The Formula One season sees drivers travelling across the world to compete on a wide variety of tracks, each with its own peculiarities and challenges. On this blog we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about track statistics.


Which is the longest F1 circuit on the calendar?

At present, the longest track used for Formula One racing is Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, at just over 7km in its current form. Silverstone in the UK comes in second with a lap distance of 5.901km. Historically the longest circuit ever raced in Formula One is the Pescara circuit in Italy, reaching 25.579km and having been used only once for an official F1 Grand Prix in 1957.


How many circuits have hosted a Grand Prix to date?

In the history of Formula One there have been 70 separate circuits that have hosted a Grand Prix. Some of these, such as Silverstone, have hosted regularly since Formula One began, while others such as Sebring in Florida have only hosted a single race in the F1 calendar.


What is the difference between road and street tracks?

The two main types of circuits in F1 are road and street tracks, although there are and have been a few hybrid tracks that incorporate elements of both, such as Abu Dhabi and Korea. The difference is that road tracks, also referred to as race tracks or ‘proper’ circuits, have been designed and purpose-built for racing. Tracks such as Silverstone and Monza fall neatly into this category. Street circuits use actual public roads and are set up for the purposes of each individual race, with unforgiving barriers lining the course. Monaco is the most famous example of a street circuit, followed by Singapore.


Where can I buy tickets and how much do they cost?

The official Formula One website sells tickets to all events in every country. Prices vary dramatically depending on the circuit, the stand chosen and the day chosen. Thursday tickets start from as little as £50, while at the other end of the scale weekend tickets for the best viewing can cost more than £3,000. For the British Grand Prix at Silverstone general admission begins at £75 for Friday only or £195 for the full weekend, going up to £509 for a weekend ticket with Club Silverstone at Becketts